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Mind Hunter statements the market vital of environmentally-friendly office supplies. Mind Hunter has been formed as Mind Hunter Marketing Group with G. MuraliVenkateswara Raja – Ex-serviceman as the main shareholder. Mind Hunter will service an ample range of customers including Corporate Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Corporations and Government Agencies.

Our People

We have targeted the best caliber of individuals to join our team. Our team is made up of professionals that are thought leaders in their fields of expertise. Our founding member, G.M.V. Raja is a well know networker in this business. Because of his relentless pursuit of excellence, Mind Hunter Consumables is where it is today. Even if we are relatively new in the stationery supply market, Raja’s visionary leadership and strategic marketing motto of placing the customer before everything else we do, will see Mind Hunter Consumables grow in leaps and bounds. Further associations with recognized market leaders compliments the in-house team Mind Hunter is currently building


  • To become the leading source of environmentally-friendly office supplies.
  • To offer Mind Hunter supplies that cost no more than a 10% price premium, often at the same value as none "Mind Hunter" supplies.
  • Swiftly grow in scope and become a profitable business within the first two years.


It is Mind Hunter mission to become a leading hawker of environmentally-friendly office supplies. Mind Hunter will become a market leader offering a wide, price competitive selection with the finest customer service.


Offer environmentally-friendly office supplies at competitive prices. Secure large contracts with corporate companies, manufacturing companies, corporations and government agencies.

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